Meet DominationRap.com

It started in Brooklyn - King's County Hospital

a newborn strong enough to hold up his head and...


DominationRap.com has arrived.

Yes, his name is a website.

He and his wife have an organization

dedicated to stop young suicides.


Now a Tampa based rapper

DominationRap.com is expected to scorch

a fiery brand of the gospel of

Jesus Christ into our hearts and minds. 

For Inquires Email DominationRap@gmail.com

Check out the 

#SuicideDefeated movement




- DominationRap.com is inexpensively available for speaking engagements and does not charge for collaborations.

- Has performed with Canton Jones.

- Opened up a show for SoulJa Boy with over 2,000 people.

- Completed artist development with Uncle Reese.

- Has had radio airplay in Mississippi, Louisiana, Hawaii.

- His music is available on all major distribution platforms.

* Apple Music , Tidal, Amazon Music, CD Baby and more.

- He is also a member of the U.S. Air Force and Minister of the Gospel.